2015:    What Happened To Monday.

                                  Raffaella De Laurentis/Vendome Pictures      Production Designer

2015:    Stan Lee´s ´Lucky Man´.

                                            Carnival Films / SKY                             Production Designer

2014:    Dominion.

                                            NBC Universal / SyFy                            Production Designer

2013:    Intelligence.

                                            ABC Studios / CBS                                Production Designer

2012:    Small Time.

                                             Asylum Films / Joel Surnow                  Production Designer

2011:    Terra Nova.

                                            Dreamwork s/ Fox First Season            Production Designer

2009:    John Carter of Mars.

                                            Disney/Pixar                                          Airship Art Director

2008:    “24” Redemption.

                                            Imagine / Fox                                         Production Designer

2008:    Need For Speed “ Undercover ” +

                                            EA Games                                             Production Designer

2007:    "24" Twenty Four.

                                            Imagine/Fox Season Seven.                 Production Designer

2006:    "24" Twenty Four.

                                            Imagine/Fox Season Six.                      Production Designer

2006:    Black.

                                            EA Games                                             Production Designer

2005:    "24" Twenty Four. *

                                            Imagine/Fox Season Five.                    Production Designer

2004:    "24" Twenty Four.

                                            Imagine/Fox Season Four.                   Production Designer

2003:    "24" Twenty Four. *

                                            Imagine/Fox Season Three.                 Production Designer

2002:    "24" Twenty Four.

                                            Imagine/Fox Season Two.                    Production Designer

2001:    "24" Twenty Four. #

                                            Imagine/Fox Season One.                    Production Designer

2001:    More Patience.

                                            Palone/Hoffman (Pilot)                          Production Designer

2000:    Jack & Jill.

                                            Warner Bros. (Pilot remake/Series)      Production Designer

2000:    M3K.

                                            Warner Bros. (Pilot).                             Production Designer

1999:    Jack & Jill.

                                            Warner Bros. (Pilot)                               Production Designer

1999:    Scriptfellas

                                            Sanford Bookstaver.                             Production Designer

1998:    The Big Tease.

                                            Warner Bros.                                        Production Designer

1998:    Treasure of Pirate’s Point.

                                            Richard Stanley.                                   Production Designer

1997:    Deus Volts.

                                            Saracen Productions.                           Production Designer

1997:    Living Out Loud.

                                            Newline Pictures.                                  Art Director 

1996:    Rocket Man.

                                            Caravan Pictures.                                 Art Director

1996:    Kiss the Girls.

                                            Paramount Pictures.                             Art Director

1995:    Virtuosity.

                                            Paramount Pictures.                            Art Director

1994:    Tank Girl.

                                            MGM Pictures.                                     Art Director

1994:    Apollo 13.

                                            Universal Pictures.                               Snr. Set Designer

1994:    Disclosure.

                                            Warner Bros.                                        Snr. Set Designer

1993:    Maverick.

                                            Warner Bros.                                        Snr. Set Designer

1993:    True Lies.

                                            20th Century Fox.                                Snr. Set Designer

1993:    The Shawshank Redemption.

                                            Castle Rock Pictures.                          Asst. Art Director

1991:    Dracula.

                                            Columbia Pictures.                              Snr. Set Designer                           

1990:    Hook.

                                            Amblin Entertainment.                         Snr. Set Designer

1998:    Blade Squad.

                                            Warner Bros. (Pilot)                             Snr. Set Designer

1995:    Space "Above and Beyond".

                                            Fox Television.  (First Season).           Snr. Set Designer

1993:    SeaQuest.

                                            Amblin Entertainment.  (Pilot)              Snr. Set Designer

1992:    Star Trek, Deep Space Nine.

                                            Paramount Pictures. (Pilot/First 10      Snr. Set Designer


1989-90:    Star Trek, Next Generation.

                                            Paramount Pictures. (45 Episodes)      Set Designer

*     Nomination Art Directors Awards.

#  Emmy Nomination

+  Nomination for Best Real Time Visuals

in a computer game

Complete Works 1989-2015.

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